The Workout

The aim of your workout at The HITZone is to get your heart rate to at least 80% of its maximum and keep it there for as much of the session as possible. Your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age, so The HITZone really is suitable for everyone.

Your workout at The HITZone will be 25 minutes long, and it will be a high intensity session using the HIT Machines and a small range of studio equipment. Led by an insttructor, it will include at most, seven other people and your heart rate will be monitored and visible on a screen throughout.

The carefully designed circuit will be designed to get your heart rate soaring whilst ensuring you get a full body workout that will work towards weight loss, an increase in fitness and huge health benefits.

By wearing a heart rate monitor and having your heart rate displayed on a TV screen throughout means our instructor knows how hard you are working and how effective your workout is and can make any adjustments throughout the session. It also means that if you work out with friends, family, colleagues or team mates, there will be a fun and competitive edge to the session.

We supply the machines, the instructor, the heart rate monitors and the equipment. You just need to arrive on time and with a desire to improve your health and your fitness.

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