The Team

Joycelyn Hall

Joycelyn is co-owner & our Social Media Co-ordinator and also a busy mother-of-four.

Like many young mothers she found herself gradually gaining weight over the years while making sure everyone else was taken care of and neglecting herself in the process.

In 2015 she decided to take her health and fitness into her own hands and began a healthy eating and exercise regime that allowed her to go from a size 18 (UK) to a size 12-14 (UK), losing over 5 stone while doing it!

It is this personal and invaluable experience that makes her the perfect person to work with and encourage members new and old as they begin and maintain their own fitness journey through with HITZone.

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Favourite Quote – You must be the change you wish to see in the world

Melissa Coggan

Melissa is co-owner of HITZone Banbridge. Melissa has always tried to lead an active lifestyle her whole life. As a young girl growing up in sunny South Africa she participated in baseball, gymnastics, cross country and swimming and in her spare time she loved going down to the beach for long walks.

When Melissa had her two children she let her health and  fitness take a back seat for a few years but in the last five years her love for working out and staying fit has resurfaced. She can put this down to wanting to set a good example to her children and show them that health and fitness should be part of everyday life.
Melissa loves exercising at HITZone because as a busy Mum, she can always manage to find the time to fit in a workout as the  sessions at the studio only takes 25 minutes!

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Favourite Quote – Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.

Stirling Hall

Stirling is one of the owners of HITZone Banbridge and our personal trainer.

Stirling joined the army at 16 and served for 12 years. Since leaving the forces Stirling started taking part in strength and conditioning classes found a new passion in the fitness industry .

After seeing the awesome results that just exercising can do for anyone especially with his back problems Stirling decided to take on a new career as a personal trainer and qualified in 2013.

Stirling’s hobbies include Olympic weightlifting as he found a real passion and drive in this sport and he currently competes in competitions throughout the year.

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Favourite Quote – Stay strong, stay motivated.

Lee Coggan

Lee is one of the co-owners of HITZone Banbridge.

Lee has always been active throughout his life. As a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland he played rugby for his local team and he played on the cricket team too. As he got older he took a keen interest in Mountain biking and motor cross bikes and would go out on his bike on a regular basis.

His goal for this year is to loose 3 stone with the help of HITZone so he can feel fitter and healthier to do the things he enjoys. When he’s not riding his bike or working out at the studio, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids.

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Favourite Quote – Enjoy today because yesterday has gone & tomorrow isn’t promised.