Success Stories

Steph joined HITZone in October 2015 and said that she had previously found it very difficult to stick with going to the gym. Steph has sessions every week at the studio and has seen her fitness increase hugely as well as her weight and body fat percentage drop. By having short 25 minute pre booked sessions, two or three times a week, Steph has been able to make sustainable changes to her lifestyle.

Paula became a member with us in November 2015 and committed to 3 sessions a week to try and lose weight, get fitter and become healthier. In less than 6 months, she has increased her fitness dramatically, and has even started exercising away from the studio to continue to improve. Losing 7.5% body fat in such a short space of time by following our advice and taking part in HIIT sessions every week is absolutely phenomenal.

Marie was one of our founder members and has seen a complete change in her lifestyle since she became a member. Marie has given up smoking and taken up running as well as getting two or three sessions a week in at the studio. Having lost almost 6% body fat in just 3 months, Marie has seen her quality of life and happiness improve a lot.

Laura joined the HITZone with a very clear goal in mind… to get in shape for her wedding in June 2016. Through taking part in up to four HITZone high intensity sessions a week and taking care of her diet, Laura has made some great progress and continues to shed body fat and increase her fitness in the lead up to her wedding.

Christine had never really got involved with getting fit and then she found the HITZone! Christine has thrown herself into the sessions and always has a smile around the studio. Her results have been fantastic including losing 9 inches in only a couple of months.

Teresa is one of our founder members and comes to the studio as much for her state of mind as her physical health and wellness. Affectionately known as Mrs F, she did fantastically well to lose 4.5% body fat in her first 3 months at the HITZone.