HITZone Telford

Our 900 sqft boutique training studio is located on Halesfield 19 in Telford. We are nothing like any other gym in Telford and are suitable for beginners through to experienced exercisers. What we all have in common is a desire to get fitter, get into shape and in most cases lose some weight. Most of our members have found traditional gyms to be intimidating and unsuitable and as result they did not reach their weight or fitness goals. Our unique approach and equipment allows people of varying levels of fitness to train together in a fun, friendly and inspiring environment. Our unique approach to high intensity interval training has seen our members get fantastic results.

We have a team that will look after your fitness, nutrition and mindset to help you achieve life-changing results. Since we opened in Telford in the autumn of 2015, our members have seen fantastic results. They have increased their fitness levels, lost weight, become healthier and seen dramatic drops in body fat percentage.

The studio set up allows for our members to take part in small group, high intensity workouts which are 25 minutes long. There is never any more than six people in a session and this allows our instructors to give highly individual service to our members. We have various flexible memberships dependant on your goals, commitment and budget. We have three revolutionary HIT Machines here in the studio which mean we can have members of different ages, abilities and fitness levels training together in a friendly environment that can’t be found in any other gym in Telford.

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