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Unique technology – Minimum Time – Maximum Results

The HITZone is the newest and most unique workout experience in the country. Central to our workouts are the unique HIT Machines. The machine is a stand alone tower with free motion arms and it facilitates 50 plus high intensity exercise and it is extremely versatile. The patent pending technology responds only to the users forces, allowing exercises to be performed in a safe and controlled environment.

Set session times are offered for a workout that is for a small group of people at a time and 25 minutes long. Every session is led by a instructor, who guides the members through the session giving a great experience in a motivational group exercise environment. Each of the participants wears a heart-rate monitor and their heart rate is displayed on a screen in the studio, allowing HITZone to deliver a safe and effective high intensity session, as well as being a great motivational tool.


Unique Concept & Technology.

Low Overheads.

Affordable Fixed Costs.

Quick Return on Investment.

Studio design consultation (Studio can be from 800 sq ft).

Assistance with PT recruitment and training.

Ongoing session & customer experience advice.

Marketing support and guidance.

Effective & proven membership sales training.

Help change peoples lives!

Get ahead of the curve – new and exciting!

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