HITZone Shrewsbury

HITZone Shrewsbury is HITZone’s second studio in Shropshire and offers the same effective 25 minute high intensity, personal trainer led sessions that have seen our members in Telford achieve outstanding results.

Our 1400 sqft studio is located on Sweetlake Court on Longden Road in Shrewsbury, that’s near the Nuffield Hospital. Due to our unique approach to high intensity interval training, we are different to any other gym in Shrewsbury. We are suitable for beginners all the way through to people with lots of exercise experience. All our members have a few things in common including the need to get into shape and to get fitter and healthier, In most cases also lose some weight. A lot of our members have found traditional gyms in Shrewsbury to be unsuitable for them and a lot of the time, found them to be intimidating. Because of this they did not reach their fat loss or fitness goals. Our unique way of doing things means that we have  people of varying levels of fitness all training together in an environment which is friendly, fun and inspiring, and this has seen our members get some fantastic results.

We have a personal trainer who will design and deliver your 25 minute sessions as well as looking after your motivation, nutrition and mindset to help you achieve life-changing results. Unlike any other gym in Shrewsbury, the way we are set up and our flexible membership packages mean that our members get a personal training service at an affordable price. Our sessions are 25 minutes long and there are never any more than six people in a single session. This means our members get maximum results using minimum time and receive a highly personalised service which will help you reach your goals quicker but in a sustainable way.

We have installed three revolutionary HIT Machines at our studio gym in Shrewsbury. This means we can have people of different fitness levels, abilities and experience training together in an inspiring environment that can’t be found in any other gym in Shrewsbury.

For more information on how we can help you achieve the best results of your life whilst having fun and meeting new people please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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