What is a HIT Machine?

So, what is this HIT Machine that you see in our studios? And why should you be training using a HIT Machine?

Our number one core value here at HITZone is that everyone should be able to exercise and achieve good health, regardless of your age, fitness levels, shape or size. And even more importantly, that everyone should be able to exercise together. Central to achieving this are the revolutionary HIT Machine. They use newly developed technology and a zero gravity, free motion bar to offer a brand new exercise experience.

When you are working out using the HIT Machine, there are no conventional weights and the more force you apply, the more resistance is created. This means that you can work out to your high intensity and get the most from your workout. This concentric biased training means that risk of injury during your workout is vastly lowered and there is a substantial reduction in pain caused by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in the days following your session. There are a multitude of exercises that can be performed on the HIT Machine which allow for HIIT to take place with your whole body getting a great, fat burning exercise session.

Workouts using the HIT Machine are heart rate based, 25 minutes long and are low impact in nature. Due to the variable resistance created by the breakthrough technology, the machine responds to you and this allows for massively greater levels of intensity which leads to higher, and longer lasting calorie burns and outstanding changes in body shape, cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

You can learn more about the HIT Machine and our unique approach to getting great results for people who have struggled to get fit and healthy in traditional gyms by getting in touch with us at The HITZone.


HIT Machine