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18th April 2018

Half Marathon Hero! Richard’s HITZone Story

We wanted to share this account by Richard Montagu who ran a half marathon for charity this year after training with HITZone at our studio in Shrewsbury. […]
15th April 2018

NEAT – How to increase your calorie burn

Six Simple Ways to Increase Your Calorie Burn by increasing your NEAT. In the most simplistic terms, losing weight and body fat is down to a […]
12th April 2018

Weekend Survival Guide

It’s been a long week and you’ve almost made it to the weekend! Whilst everyone loves a couple of days off from work, it’s very common […]
2nd April 2018

Reduce your stress with exercise

It is National Stress Awareness Month this April, and it will hopefully help to highlight the effects that stress has on individuals and also on society. […]